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How many staffing agencies are in Augusta, GA? Which agency offers the best services for job seekers?

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  1. The first part of your question is hard to tell. There are no shortage of staffing agencies in Augusta. I would venture a guess and say there are over two dozen staff agencies in Augusta alone. The numbers are even higher for the entire CSRA.
    Acrux Staffing, MAU, and Augusta Staffing Associates are well known in Augusta. But honestly their services like all others are base on the individual needs. No correct answer in my opinion.

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  2. Google Staffing Agencies in Augusta, GA and the local searches at the very beginning should give you a good starting point. The first three should come up as an ABC list with D-1 Staffing, Trojan Labor, and Peoplelink Staffing. You will need to click more places to view the rest. Hope this helps.

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