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What are some of the best apartment complexes that are centrally located in Augusta, GA?

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  1. That depends on what the person is looking for. Downtown apartments like Canalside is great for folks who want to be downtown. The Grand Oaks at Crane Creek, if you are looking for new and near popular retail areas. But the answers is not the same for everyone.

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  2. The above mentioned list are good choices for best apartments in Augusta, GA. However, if we specified the criteria such as cost, location, amenities, living spaces, on site services, security, and management, you may find other apartment complex just as fitting for the title. I like The Estates at Perimeter for its location, security, staff, and their ability to keep the community looking like new. I also like The Haven at Reed Creek. It too has a great location and they have managed to keep a beautifully landscaped apartment complex within a gated community. I am curious to hear what others will say concerning this topic.

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  3. The Estates at Perimeter is nice; so I’ve heard. However my vote goes to Grand Oaks at Crane Creek despite the hefty price tags just to live there. My other option would be Gateway Crossing Apartment Homes. Both apartment complex are fairly new but the amenities are top notch. What sells me is the location for either location.

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